Contest winners, families, and other noteworthy images

Tom Sirgedas – Hexagonal Neighbors, 1st Place

Esteban Crespi de Valldaura – Prime Sums, 2nd Place

Tomas Rokicki – Hexagonal Neighbors, 2nd Place

Jeremy Sawicki – Primorial Soup, 2nd Place

Jarek Wroblewski – Primorial Soup & Topswops, 1st Place

Alex and Peter Breyfogle

Tom Sirgedas – Polygonal Areas, 2nd Place

Mathew Davies and grandson Dhillon

Isaac and Mark Mammel

Eckard and Michael Specht

Eduard and Lucien Baumann

Walter Trump – Retaining Water, 1st Place

Tom Rokicki – Non-Coplanar Points, 1st Place

John Morris – Alphabet City Micro, 1st Place

Igor Dimitrijevic – Alphabet City, 2nd Place

Albert Graells Rovira & Lucien Pech – Factorials

Ivan Kazmenko – Alphabet City, 1st Place

Official poster of the 2012 film Le strade di San Faustino