Welcome to Al Zimmermann's Programming Contests. You've entered an arena where demented computer programmers compete for glory and for some cool prizes.

I run one or two contests per year. Each contest asks that you come up with your best solutions to a set of computationally intensive problems, generally involving sophisticated heuristics. Although I speak of "programming contests", technically you don't need to write a computer program to enter. You can enter whether you use a computer, manual calculations, or tea leaves to solve the problems. You send me solutions, not programs.

Unfortunately, this site's underlying database crashed spectacularly in December of 2021.

All data was recovered and has been migrated to a more robust DBMS, and I am in the process of converting one dialect of SQL to another. Since I'm in the thick of all the code anyway, I am also making a lot of other changes. It is these "other changes" that are taking the longest.

I hope to have the site back up by the end of May, with a new contest starting at the end of June. It all depends on how much time my other projects demand of me. Check back here in mid-May to see how I'm doing.

Update. Today is May 16 and, as I feared, I have not had adequate time to work on AZsPCs. I now expect to have the site back up by the end of June and to start the next contest 30 days later.