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Alphabet City

The Alphabet City contest has ended. Congratulations to our winners:

Position Winner Prize
1st Ivan Kazmenko Russia Any item from Bathsheba Sculpture worth up to $500
2nd Igor Dimitrijevic France Any item from Bathsheba Sculpture worth up to $100

These are the contestants who submitted the best solution for each problem. (Problems for which the best solution was found during the first 48 hours of the contest are omitted.)

Problem Score Solver Date Achieved
Bag A 3178 Igor Dimitrijevic Paris, France 17 Aug 2014 13:15
Bag B 3119 Igor Dimitrijevic Paris, France 17 Aug 2014 13:20
Bag C 3207 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 10 Aug 2014 00:00
Bag D 3087 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 16 Aug 2014 23:26
Bag E 3230 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 17 Aug 2014 00:19
Bag F 3190 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 17 Aug 2014 08:36
Bag G 3058 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 17 Aug 2014 08:29
Bag H 3120 Wes Sampson La Jolla, California, United States 17 Aug 2014 04:02
Bag I 3049 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 10 Aug 2014 09:27
Bag J 3177 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 13 Aug 2014 06:22
Bag K 3175 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 17 Aug 2014 09:51
Bag L 3187 Stuart Martin Klimek Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines 17 Jul 2014 20:00
Bag M 3251 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 9 Aug 2014 20:25
Bag N 3180 Igor Dimitrijevic Paris, France 17 Aug 2014 13:54
Bag O 3123 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 10 Aug 2014 09:28
Bag P 3288 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 12 Aug 2014 23:15
Bag Q 3159 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 14 Aug 2014 22:04
Bag R 3400 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 9 Aug 2014 20:31
Bag S 3098 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 16 Aug 2014 21:26
Bag T 3090 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 11 Aug 2014 16:32
Bag U 3342 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 11 Aug 2014 00:10
Bag V 3173 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 17 Aug 2014 11:24
Bag W 3193 Stuart Martin Klimek Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines 13 Aug 2014 19:43
Bag X 3170 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 14 Aug 2014 22:07
Bag Y 3201 Stuart Martin Klimek Mabalacat City, Pampanga, Philippines 8 Aug 2014 07:33
Bag Z 3185 Ivan Kazmenko Saint-Petersburg, Russia 14 Aug 2014 15:33

These are the best solutions received for each problem in the contest:

Problem Score Solution
Bag A 3178 8G AI, I5 POTTIER, 9I ID, 11E ORDERING, G11 DUE, 13F AE, L11 GAR, 5E RECOPIED, L4 ED, E4 AR, E3 EAR, 13K AR, F13 AS, F13 ASH, K13 AN, 13K ARF, 11D BORDERING, 6I OS, L3 TED, 3L TO, E2 LEAR, M1 BRO, K10 IN, 14E US, F4 RE, 14D MUS, 13K ARFS, E1 CLEAR, 11B EmBORDERING, 9I IDS, 4D FAR, G8 AT, G7 QAT, 9F ET, 3J ALTO, K13 ANI, J2 KA, B10 OE, 14C AMUS, 15F HO, J1 OKA, 15E THO, 13J zARFS, 1E CEP, F4 REV, N13 SUN, c14 AM, 15B EM, 15M IN, H4 JO, 9E VET, 14B WAMUS, 15A DEMYTHOLOGIZING, 1J ON, 1I ION, 2C NIL, 2B ANIL, C1 EN, H4 JOW, 12G UH, 1A UNEXCEPTIONABLY   visualize
Bag B 3119 8G BUR, J5 LENSMEN, H8 UT, G8 BA, 7I ON, 11E ADJOiNTS, G7 ABA, 5E OUTWILLS, K4 EL, E11 AUDIT, L11 SER, K1 NEWEL, 3K WE, 3K WED, M2 ED, E1 CACAO, 8G BURST, M1 BED, 3J OWED, 13L RAP, N13 PI, N13 PIN, 13D OD, 13C GOD, 2C RIA, 9F KAT, C1 ER, 1J ON, 1B NE, C13 GAM, 1I ION, 1E CEP, F4 SUQ, 4D VAS, I11 IRE, 13I EF, 13H REF, 3I VOWED, 1A UNEXCEPTIONABLY, L3 EFS, 4D VASE, 15B EM, J13 FIG, F9 KID, 2A pARIAH, 15E THO, 15M IN, C1 ERR, 15A DEMYTHOLOGIZING, B14 NE   visualize
Bag C 3207 8G HE, H8 ET, H7 JET, 8E aCHE, E7 Fa, 7C ELF, C6 RE, 8B OP, 6B AR, B8 ON, A5 HE, A5 HEN, 9A UN, 9H TA, 9H TAR, 9H TARDO, L9 OR, 10L RE, 10L REE, 10L REEF, K8 ID, K6 VOID, 6K VIS, M5 AS, M4 VAS, M4 VAST, E7 FaY, 3M AW, 10B ED, 7M TI, 7M TIN, C10 Do, C10 DoG, 3M AWN, C10 DoGE, 13B DE, O9 IF, N10 EL, N10 ELK, I9 AI, A9 UT, 13A ODE, A9 UTA, A13 ON, L8 TOR, H7 JETS, L5 MI, L8 TORI, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 12N KA, B12 ID, 3A YE, 12L ILKA, O2 ON, 5J COMA, 1A OR, E7 FaYED, 12A ZIGS, 3A YEGG, 6K VISTA, B1 RUE, D1 WAG, D11 US, D1 WAGE, D1 WAGER, F8 CAM, O12 AB, 9D RYA, 7H JO, F8 CAMS, O1 NONQUANTIFIABLE   visualize
Bag D 3087 8G RE, 7F DE, 7D EIDE, 6A HYPO, B6 YE, 8G REI, B6 YEA, 9A OR, 8G REIF, K7 IS, 6K CUM, 5M Am, C4 NAP, 5M AmU, B2 FEE, 9A ORB, A6 HO, C9 BUN, C9 BUNT, M4 RAM, 3M TA, D5 WOE, B6 YEARN, 12B IT, A5 THO, 2A EF, G5 JEER, B12 IN, A2 EM, 13A IN, A13 IN, 3M TAS, A1 DEMYTHOLOGIZING, 7M PI, M3 TRAMPlE, 9M ER, 9M ERR, O2 ES, N2 HA, M3 TRAMPlES, N9 ROT, 12M LI, M12 LEV, 14M VAT, O13 AT, 11N TO, K6 CIST, N1 AHA, 7M PIC, 5G JO, 5G JOG, N14 AW, M12 LEVO, K4 RACIST, 1M KA, 15L LOW, I8 ID, I7 DID, I7 DIDO, O1 SESQUICARBONATE, J10 XU, 10H VOX, 5C AWL   visualize
Bag F 3190 8E FUSE, E7 OF, 7B aRcO, B7 aI, 8E FUSEE, 9I TA, 9I TAR, 9I TARO, 9I TAROT, M9 TA, M9 TAW, B7 aIM, A9 UT, M9 TAWED, 13M DIB, 11A AL, 12B IT, B11 LIE, C5 MIR, 7A NaRcO, 13A OE, C4 EMIR, 5C MI, B3 OY, L7 AVO, 7L AL, 7L ALA, A13 ON, M6 AL, M5 GAL, 10M AR, O9 IF, I7 VET, N12 TI, C11 ET, M3 JUGAL, 11A ALEC, A6 EN, O12 AB, D9 PIC, D4 SI, N12 TIE, 3A YO, A5 HEN, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, D9 PICS, N12 TIED, 5C MIR, 3M JIN, O2 ON, N2 LI, 7L ALAN, N6 HA, O6 AN, 10D IN, C10 GET, 10I OW, N6 HAE, C10 GETS, K9 RE, 10C GINK, 15M OD, 15L COD, 11L AW, K9 RED, 15A ER, 3L DJIN, 15A ERR, L11 AG, O1 NONQUANTIFIABLE   visualize
Bag G 3058 8G AI, 9F OS, 9C INFOS, 10B AN, 10A GAN, C8 AIN, C7 RAIN, 6B UT, C5 STRAIN, C3 DISTRAIN, 3B OD, 3A MOD, 8G AIL, 7I AX, 7I AXON, M6 DE, C3 DISTRAINED, M5 ODE, M4 RODE, M4 RODENt, 9M tA, G7 VAS, B12 EF, N3 AE, A6 HO, N9 AI, 3N AM, N9 AIt, 6M DUE, 11L ROt, M11 OW, 13M ER, A5 THO, 13A IF, 13M ERE, O5 RE, 11L ROtI, J6 AX, A2 EM, L7 NU, J5 TAX, 5I IT, O2 OM, 5H KIT, 5H KITE, H3 ICK, G7 VASA, A13 IN, H1 QUICK, 9M tAN, A1 DEMYTHOLOGIZING, 12A ZEDS, N2 WAE, F8 JO, 14N EL, K7 OP, 3L REAM, F8 JOB, E9 FA, E9 FAG, B2 TO, K7 OPT, N13 REB, I7 ALT, G7 VASAL, O1 COMPREHENSIVELY   visualize
Bag H 3120 8G HE, 8G HEINIE, M3 AmYLOSE, 3M AL, 7F TA, 7C BETTA, 9M ER, N9 RAW, D6 WE, I7 JIVE, C5 MOB, N9 RAWIN, 13N NA, 7M OR, 7M ORC, 5A HIM, A5 HE, A5 HEN, 3M ALS, O13 AT, 10N AB, K7 FIL, D6 WERE, 5M YO, 3L GALS, 9C DE, 9A UNDE, 10H DEV, H10 DO, O2 ES, O10 BO, H10 DOC, 5M YOU, 9A UNDER, L3 GO, 11H OR, G6 PAH, O1 SESQUICARBONATE, 12M GIN, L11 FA, 13H KA, A9 UT, A9 UTA, B11 DAL, 13A OLE, H10 DOCKED, 13H KAT, B9 NIDAL, A13 ON, J13 TI, C13 ET, C12 GET, 13G IKAT, F6 UT, A1 OXYPHENbUTAZONE, 12A ZAGS, B1 MU, 11K IF   visualize
Bag I 3049 8G OE, G8 OH, G8 OHO, F10 JIN, 13E ES, 13C IDES, C13 ICY, H6 ATE, H4 QUATE, 3G DE, I2 AW, G2 ED, E13 ET, 12F NA, 12F NAy, 2I AN, H12 yA, F1 ID, I13 ECU, E13 ETH, 2I ANA, 14I CeL, K13 AL, 13K AW, 13K AWL, N13 SI, 2D EIDE, 3C AT, I1 LAW, 3B EAT, K2 AN, 3K NIL, 15E HE, 15E HEN, B2 OE, D11 URD, 3K NILS, N2 US, K12 GAL, B1 VOE, 15I UT, K2 ANE, 1E SI, 15M ON, 6H AVE, 12K GO, 6G RAVE, 1M IN, K1 FANE, 4K EF, 6F GRAVE, 15A OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 10F JOT, 6F GRAVER, L11 ROW, L10 TROW, 14A DOC, 1E SIM, 4J REF, 13B BIDES, 10K IT, J10 KA, 2A MO, 1A OVERSIMPLIFYING   visualize
Bag J 3177 8G EN, G7 WE, 8G END, 7E NEW, 7D ANEW, D6 LA, C5 NA, 8G ENDURO, B3 EAU, L8 OD, D6 LAV, I7 ID, 9L DE, D6 LAVA, 9L DEE, 9C BA, C9 BRA, 10B AR, C9 BRAT, B12 IF, 3A YE, 9L DEEM, N8 NE, N7 ANE, 6N JO, 10A TAR, 13A OF, 5A HUN, M9 ER, M9 ERR, N11 Em, A10 TA, 13M EF, A5 HE, O13 TI, G6 OWE, 9C BAL, N11 EmFS, A5 HEN, C1 QAT, O9 MI, A9 UTA, O9 MIM, 9C BALE, G6 OWED, 7M KA, G5 VOWED, 11C AG, E9 LO, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, F6 WE, D11 GIG, E9 LOO, E9 LOOS, 1C QUa, 1C QUaI, L7 SOD, F9 ER, 2F TI, O5 HO, O5 HOT, G1 LI, 13L REFT, 2F TIL, 3A YETI, O1 PSYCHOTOMIMETIC, F9 ERG, 1C QUaILED, 2N IS   visualize
Bag K 3175 8E WEET, D7 ET, 7B OKE, C4 HOOK, 3B Is, 7A COKE, B7 OD, B7 ODE, B7 ODEA, H7 IT, 7H InFIRM, 3A SIs, M6 OM, N5 AW, 5B DO, A10 TEN, 10A TAV, B12 OR, 5N AH, A2 ES, 14A RAJ, L7 ROB, L7 ROBIN, 11L NA, M11 AI, 13M DUO, 4C HI, 5A UDO, A1 SESQUICENTENARY, O5 HE, 10K LI, 10K LICIT, B2 TI, H6 GIT, 4M AL, 9N MU, L7 ROBINS, M2 RIA, 2M REX, 6F VUG, N8 AMI, N8 AMIN, 4C HIT, D6 RET, 9E EL, N1 DE, 12A NOG, E8 WEE, E8 WEER, E7 SWEER, G8 EL, 2L PREX, O13 ON, O9 UTA, O1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, F8 ELF, 12A NOGG, 14A RAJA   visualize
Bag L 3187 8H DE, 8H DEL, 8H DELL, K4 VIRULENT, H8 DO, H8 DOS, 10G US, F10 BE, F10 BEN, 13D AFT, 13D AFTER, K3 aVIRULENT, 14C OD, I13 SRI, D12 HAD, 3J Ta, E13 FEU, 15I ION, H6 EIDOS, 3J TaG, 2L aM, 6G AE, F5 OW, K14 AN, J2 IT, 14K APE, C14 ON, F4 TOW, F3 STOW, 2L aMA, 15B ON, J1 TIT, 3D ODS, G13 ER, C2 AR, K13 VAN, M14 EL, 13C WAFTERS, E2 ID, E1 HID, 2A RIA, B1 XI, G13 ERA, I8 ED, 1J TA, N1 NA, 1E HE, 1E HEN, 15A CONJUGATIONALLY, 1I UTA, 14B MODE, J11 AI, 6K RE, 6K REE, 4F TI, 4F TIC, E1 HIDE, 11I QAT, L11 SI, 6K REEK, 6J GREEK, 7H IF, 1A OXYPHENBUTAZONE   visualize
Bag M 3251 8G ET, 9C AWFUL, C9 AE, B10 AM, 12B IT, B10 AMIE, 10A TAE, 8G ETA, 8B IN, 7A NA, 9I YO, 9I YOW, A10 TA, L8 RE, 10L sEI, 10L sEIF, A6 EN, L7 IREs, M6 ED, 6M ER, G7 CEL, A5 HEN, M4 ICED, N10 ILK, M3 RICED, A13 ON, I7 JAY, I7 JAYS, 5A HI, M9 DE, 5A HID, A9 UTA, C4 ID, C3 LID, O9 IF, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 6M ERA, 12N KA, O6 AN, M2 TRICED, 12A ZITS, 2M THO, 2A XU, N10 ILKA, K8 OW, K7 ROW, 7I JERID, 5A HIDE, 5A HIDER, K6 TROW, 4A PaID, 5K SEC, N1 OH, 10H ASP, O12 AB, 13M GAB, 5A HIDERS, D4 DEV, F8 GUV, O2 ON, M13 GO, M13 GOO, 15L GO, 15L GOR, L4 ME, O1 NONQUANTIFIABLE   visualize
Bag N 3180 8G AR, 7G MANNANS, K6 HA, G7 MAE, 9D ROUE, J7 NO, L6 IN, M7 SI, M7 SIC, D8 ER, D7 AERO, L5 RIN, J7 NOT, J6 KNOT, 5L RAT, 5L RATH, 7A IDEA, 10A AGIO, B10 GO, B10 GOO, B10 GOOF, B6 ED, 5A UT, M4 YA, B3 DOTED, N5 TO, M7 SICE, 13A EF, A13 ES, 10M EF, F8 GUID, 3A ED, A2 RE, 9I IT, E8 GO, 11A LO, A1 PREJUDICIALNESS, 3A EDIT, D2 AT, 2C LA, K6 HAM, C2 LIt, 1D QUEER, M3 RYA, H6 VAR, N10 FLIT, O5 HE, O5 HEN, 12M BI, F1 EL, C6 WE, 13L VET, 13L VETo, 11N LA, O13 ON, O10 TA, O9 UTA, O1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, D1 QATS, K5 WHAM, 2N AX   visualize
Bag O 3123 8G NE, 8F ONE, 8E TONE, D8 AI, D8 AIS, 10B IDS, 7C ED, C10 DUCE, 10A GIDS, 7B WED, 13B ME, 9H TO, 9H TOR, 9H TORI, L9 ID, 7A OWED, 10L DO, 8L HE, 11M NA, C5 ATE, C3 QUATE, A6 HO, 2B WE, 2A EWE, 11M NAN, M7 NE, 8L HEN, 2A EWER, M5 PINE, H7 VET, A13 ER, 5M PI, 7M NIP, M3 ALPINE, A5 THO, 3M AT, 5M PIC, A2 EM, N2 AT, 5L ePIC, N11 AB, 2N AN, F8 OVA, B6 AW, A1 DEMYTHOLOGIZERS, O5 CEP, O10 ON, O9 ION, O2 NE, K4 US, B13 ME, 4J FURL, J3 EF, O1 UNEXCEPTIONABLY, 2J KA, N10 JAB, 4A YOU, 4A YOUR, C10 DUCES, K8 sI, 11E FLOGGER   visualize
Bag P 3288 8F NEE, F7 EN, H6 ACE, F7 ENOL, 7H CUE, 11F SEI, 8J FIR, 8J FIRE, M7 JEE, 7M JIN, 10L OS, L10 OVA, 9M EM, 12L AI, 13M TWO, H10 TI, 7E RE, 7D ORE, 9M EMU, D6 DO, D6 DOL, O6 EN, O5 HEN, 9E GO, O9 UT, O9 UTA, D5 IDOL, H10 TIC, 6C ED, O13 ON, B6 Wo, 10H TI, 7A No, O1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, H5 MACE, 11D IsSEI, D10 VIG, B6 WoO, 9A ID, 13C AS, 13B RAS, 13A BRAS, H10 TICAL, 5D ID, C5 RE, C4 ORE, 2N EX, 10H TIT, K8 IT, H1 PHARMACEUTICALS, A9 IF, 3B AG, A2 ON, A6 AN, J6 KEF, K7 DIT, 2M REX, A12 AB, A1 NONQUANTIFIABLE, B2 YA   visualize
Bag Q 3159 8H ED, I8 DUO, H10 HO, H10 HON, 13H ES, G13 RE, I13 SuQ, H3 ALLEGE, I1 URD, 14F NE, G13 REM, 13G REST, 3H ADD, 3H ADDLE, G2 AW, M2 AR, M1 OAR, 1F EN, 1I UT, 14E ONE, 1I UTA, D14 TI, 12J IVY, C13 BA, L12 YO, 13L ORC, 1E HEN, 1M ON, 8G TED, 5H LI, 5H LIN, J10 GRIT, 1A OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 15C MI, 15C MIS, 2F FA, 3F TWADDLER, B1 XI, J3 DIN, N11 NICE, 3F TWADDLERS, 6J KOI, 5H LING, 2K LEA, 10F COHOG, O12 FA, N11 NICER, 14N ET, 5F AILING, 5E JAILING, L1 ZEEs, 15I QUA, F5 AW, 2A PI, 2A PIA, 15A DEMISEMIQUAVERS, 11M UN   visualize
Bag R 3400 8H TO, 8H TOFT, 9K AA, L9 AG, 11L AR, 11L ARIA, M8 AS, 7M Pe, M11 RUG, H7 ET, H6 MET, 7E JUTE, 7M PeN, N7 eR, H6 METRIC, 11K VARIA, H6 METRICAL, 8D MO, H1 GRAVIMETRICALLY, D8 MO, 14M SI, 10A FIND, E5 DOJO, 5D ED, O10 TA, 5C RED, B10 IT, 6B WE, A9 IF, O6 EN, O5 HEN, 6A AWE, B10 ITS, C4 IRE, O13 ON, O9 UTA, 6H MI, C3 DIRE, 3G LA, O1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 3B oD, 3A NoD, 12B SH, 12A ASH, C12 HE, A6 AN, C12 HEW, 2N EX, 14B OW, 14A LOW, E5 DOJOS, J7 EF, 6H MIKE, F6 DUCE, A2 ON, F5 EDUCE, 2M REX, A1 NONQUANTIFIABLE   visualize
Bag S 3098 8G JO, H5 AGIO, I3 IDS, I2 AIDS, I1 QAIDS, 3H HI, 3H HIC, G8 JIB, G2 ICk, 3C DYARCHIC, G8 JIBS, C2 ED, F11 aI, 13F LI, G13 IN, G1 MICk, H13 NU, 14G NUN, C1 MED, I12 GEN, 12E LI, 12C DELI, 13C OF, C12 DOG, C12 DOGY, E2 KA, 12I GROW, E2 KAT, M12 LEV, 15M ON, L11 OW, 15F EN, L10 LOW, I12 GENU, L9 FLOW, 2B RE, 2A ORE, 15I UT, 13L NE, 15E HEN, 1B EM, 9K OF, 4D ET, 8G JOT, 15I UTA, 10L LI, 9K OFT, E1 SKAT, 8G JOTA, 1I QUA, 11K WO, 15A OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 14B AG, E14 UH, K1 AT, L2 AR, D3 YEA, 5D AE, M1 ER, 2K TARE, 9J TOFT, 1A DEMISEMIQUAVERS, 10L LIP   visualize
Bag T 3090 8H TI, H8 TO, 9F AVO, 9C OCTAVO, C8 WO, B7 NA, C8 WOVE, 12B IN, B12 IF, 7A ON, B11 RIF, 8H TIKE, 9K RUM, M8 OM, F9 AX, 6B AG, 7M DO, 11A IRE, N6 HO, C3 LANG, 3B EL, N5 mHO, M4 WE, L9 UT, 11L AR, 12M ER, 13A IF, 7M DOC, A6 HO, C8 WOVENS, 3M AL, M11 REEF, 3A MEL, A5 THO, 12M ERN, 3M ALS, A13 IN, 14M FA, 5M EmU, 14M FAT, N2 aL, I8 IS, 2A EN, A1 DEMYTHOLOGIZING, O2 ES, N14 AY, F9 AXE, F9 AXED, B11 RIFE, 1L JIB, 9K RUMOR, O11 ON, 3L PALS, 4K DEW, L1 JUPE, D3 TI, K7 PER, K7 PERI, K7 PERIL, F8 RAXED, O1 SESQUICARBONATE, 12F DUI   visualize
Bag U 3342 8D TUFTS, D7 IT, 7A NORI, B7 OAT, 9A UT, 7H ER, 7H ERG, K6 Jo, K6 JoCK, 9K KID, M9 DE, M9 DERM, 10M EM, 13M AR, 6K JIG, C9 AL, C9 ALIVE, 13B DE, 13A ODE, A6 EN, M6 GO, A5 HEN, L4 POI, A9 UT, 13M ARB, A9 UTA, 10M EMF, 7M Ow, A13 ON, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 7M OwN, O9 IF, 1A OR, M3 WE, N13 RAW, 13L GARB, H7 ESTER, O6 AN, H7 ESTERASE, H1 CHOLINESTERASES, 3M WE, O12 AB, 3M WEN, B1 RUE, 2N YO, L12 AG, N1 EYE, K6 JoCKO, 2H HI, 1K LIVE, O1 NONQUANTIFIABLE, K6 JoCKOS, B6 DOAT, 2H HID   visualize
Bag V 3173 8E VERT, D7 ME, C5 PEE, 5A HAP, C3 TOPEE, 3B ET, D7 MEN, 9C EN, C9 EVICT, 11B MI, 11A AMI, 13B UT, 7H IWIS, K7 SO, 8K OIL, 13A OUT, 7M AR, M7 ALGA, M7 ALGAE, 11M EGO, B5 AW, N11 GIb, 11A AMID, 13N bA, N6 AR, 3A YET, 3A YETI, D3 ID, 5M YO, A13 ON, M4 OY, O13 AT, 3L EF, D2 RID, L2 RE, 3L EFF, A5 HE, 5M YOU, 1L AR, A5 HEN, 3L EFFS, A10 TA, 11A AMIDO, 11A AMIDOL, 1L ARK, 1K LARK, 3K TEFFS, 7M ARC, J7 IN, J6 JIN, D1 GRID, O2 ES, A9 UTA, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, N1 KAF, D1 GRIDS, J6 JINN, 1H mUDLARK, B1 HIE, O10 BO, 10I LI, J5 DJINNI, O1 SESQUICARBONATE   visualize
Bag W 3193 8F WAR, F7 OW, G8 AI, 6E AVE, D5 AR, 4C AT, 3A YIN, D4 TARO, 8C IT, B3 IRE, G5 OE, 5G OLIO, 5A HE, 6C GRAVE, 4J LI, B8 AT, A5 HE, A5 HEN, A9 UT, 11A AR, 12B ED, 4J LIE, 4J LIED, 13A OS, 4J LIEDeR, O4 ROT, A13 ON, I7 DE, I7 DEL, C12 De, J4 LOG, G8 AIT, 6N UT, G4 VOE, M3 ID, M2 LID, 6M JUT, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 12A ZEDS, 5D AM, 2M LEI, M6 JUKE, N9 SIN, 11M AN, M11 AW, 11M ANI, 13L NE, L3 PE, M11 AWED, L3 PEG, O4 ROTE, L12 AN, 9L RES, L11 BAN, 14M DYE, J3 FLOG, 9L RESH, 9K FRESH, N14 YA, N1 OE, O1 MICROTECHNIQUES   visualize
Bag X 3170 8H NE, 7I HA, 7I HAW, 6K AT, M5 ET, M4 LET, M2 RELET, 2M RAX, 5M ED, K5 JAW, 5M EDH, 8F DINE, 8D uNDINE, D8 uT, K5 JAWS, D7 TuT, 7B ORT, 9C IT, 7A MORT, 9A QUIT, L8 IT, 9L TA, C6 ER, C4 EVER, 4B RE, 9L TAB, 3A MO, O9 UT, D7 TuTOR, C11 OW, 13B RE, M9 AL, A13 ER, H8 NU, M9 ALFA, M9 ALFAKI, M9 ALFAKIS, N4 ID, C3 LEVER, 11C ORC, O5 HE, B12 OR, O5 HEN, 12M AD, 14L LI, 14L LIE, A2 EM, B2 FOR, O9 UTA, 14L LIEN, 5C VIG, O1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, E8 Ne, G8 IN, L14 LI, F7 AD, A9 QUA, G7 GIN, 4L CLIP, B6 YO, B9 UP, F6 GAD, A1 DEMISEMIQUAVERS, I7 HEN, N9 BO, N8 ABO   visualize
Bag Y 3201 8D WEARY, D8 WE, 9C DE, 9A UNDE, A9 UT, H6 LEY, H6 LEYS, 6H LA, 6H LAV, 6H LAVE, 6H LAVES, L5 US, 4L BO, 4L BOO, O4 ROT, A9 UTA, B8 IN, B7 AIN, L4 BUST, B11 MI, B11 MIR, B6 FAIN, M7 AG, 9L DO, D8 WED, M3 GO, A13 ON, F8 AR, F7 JAR, F7 JARL, 9L DOT, N9 TI, N9 TIL, 12B IT, 7L TAR, H5 FLEYS, 6A EF, 6A EFT, C3 GIST, 5G EF, 3B EGg, 3A YEGg, F7 JARLS, 11A AMU, 5F REF, A5 HE, 9L DOTH, 11M EL, M2 AGO, A5 HEN, I6 AL, 13A ORA, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 2M AN, 11L DEL, O4 ROTE, M11 EN, 12A ZITI, M11 ENOW, 14M WE, L9 DID, 14M WEE, B1 PIE, F4 AR, N1 AN, 2M ANI, F3 VAR, 11L DELI, O1 MICROTECHNIQUEs, 4E KA, L9 DIDO   visualize
Bag Z 3185 8H ES, I8 SAL, I8 SALARY, J13 EF, J13 EFF, 13I YELK, M13 SUB, H7 NE, H5 ViNE, 12H ER, 12G HER, H3 RaViNE, G2 AE, G12 HE, G12 HER, I2 TA, I1 UTA, G1 NAE, 2I TI, 2F LA, 2E ALA, 3C DUG, C2 OD, 13E AVE, 13D RAVE, 2I TIT, 8G RES, L2 IT, M1 OS, C1 YOD, C13 DO, E13 AM, B14 GO, K1 AT, 15I IF, 11H PA, 5H VIE, 15L AB, 1F EN, K5 SI, 5G IVIES, 11H PAR, 1E HEN, 14A EGO, 10I LO, 14G RE, 1I UTA, 1M ON, D3 UT, 5F CIVIES, 1A OXYPHENBUTAZONE, G12 HERN, E13 AMU, L1 ZITI, 6J MI, 9I AG, 9H DAG, 11H PARD, 11H PARDI, L11 ICK, 10L WO, 9M JO, 15B ON, 10L WOW, 11H PARDIE, 15A NONQUANTIFIABLE   visualize

The following noteworthy solutions were received after the contest ended.

Problem Score Solver Date Solution
Bag M 3259 Ivan Kazmenko
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
19 Aug 2014 20:45 8G ET, 9C AWFUL, C9 AE, B10 AM, 12B IT, B10 AMIE, 10A TAE, 8G ETA, 8B IN, 7A NA, 9I YO, 9I YOW, A10 TA, L8 RE, 10L sEI, A6 EN, 10L sEIF, L7 IREs, M6 ED, 6M ER, G7 CEL, A5 HEN, M4 ICED, N10 ILK, M3 RICED, A13 ON, I7 JAY, 5A HI, 4B SI, M9 DE, A9 UTA, C4 ID, C3 LID, O9 IF, A1 OXYPHENBUTAZONE, 6M ERA, 12N KA, O6 AN, M2 TRICED, 12A ZITS, 2M THO, 2A XU, N10 ILKA, K8 OW, K7 ROW, 5A HIDE, E5 DE, I7 JAYs, D5 ER, D4 SER, 7I JERID, G7 CELT, N1 OH, 10E APT, O12 AB, E9 FAG, 13M GAB, 6D REV, L6 VIREs, F8 SUP, O2 ON, M13 GO, M13 GOO, 15L GO, 15L GOR, J6 ME, O1 NONQUANTIFIABLE
Bag T 3095 Ivan Kazmenko
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
21 Aug 2014 14:50 8H TI, H8 TO, 9F AVO, 9C OCTAVO, C8 WO, B7 NA, C8 WOVE, 12B IN, B12 IF, 7A ON, B11 RIF, 8H TIKE, 9K RUM, M8 OM, F9 AX, 6B AG, 7M DO, 11A IRE, N6 HO, C3 LANG, 3B EL, N5 mHO, M4 WE, L9 UT, 11L AR, 12M ER, 13A IF, 7M DOC, A6 HO, C8 WOVENS, 3M AL, M11 REEF, 3A MEL, A5 THO, 12M ERN, 3M ALS, A13 IN, 14M FA, 5M EmU, 14M FAT, 3L bALS, I8 IS, 2A EN, A1 DEMYTHOLOGIZING, O2 ES, N14 AY, 12A ZINEB, B11 RIFE, L1 JIb, 4K DEW, 9K RUMOR, O11 ON, F8 PAX, D11 DE, 1L JUT, 4C AI, K7 PER, K7 PERI, K7 PERIL, H8 TOR, O1 SESQUICARBONATE, E8 UT, E12 BI